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Fremont First Friday – featuring Narboo!

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Holiday Extravaganza and December Art Walk Featuring KittenChops!

Happy holidays from PBG! The season is definitely in full swing – from twinkling lights and sweet smells and goodies to drinks and friends and family! It’s also the perfect time of year to offer our humblest thanks for being such a great group of customers. We love that you love us, and the feeling is eternally mutual.

So since we’re in the holiday spirit – you should come help us celebrate on Friday, December 7th! We’ll have treats and wine (of course) and goodie bags full of our favorite swag for the first few people through the door. We will also be happy to show off the bright, playful work of this month’s artist – KittenChops Design and Illustration! You might recognize her art from the wrapper of that favorite Theo Chocolate bar of yours. Come take a look at her paintings and pottery, pick up a few stocking stuffers, and have a good time!

Friday, December 7th 2012
5 pm to 9pm @ PBG
621 N 35th St.
Seattle, WA 98103

Find out more about the event on our Facebook page here!!

More about KittenChops Design and Illustration:

“Heart Opening Energy” is my credo in life and in my artwork. My goal and favorite moment in time is when I find or succeed in creating something that truly touches the heart and the whole rest of the world disappears for that moment. I am constantly on search for this feeling! For me it is usually something super cute, brightly colored or both. Color very effectively communicates an energy/a feeling, no words needed. It also inspires innate creativity and story telling. My two best muses are my own two cats Cicka and Mitsu and their antics. I find joy in walking around outside, taking photos in Seattle or while traveling, on the lookout to discover an interesting shape of a flower, rock, letter, piece of signage. I keep all my ideas as photos or notes/quick drawings in my sketchbook ideas to be explored later. My current themes are: connections, wishes coming true, the love between mom and her baby, kittens for kittens sake (I LOVE Kittens! :), animated natural elements (seeing life everywhere from a pastry in the bakery window to the cutely trimmed evergreen tree and its chubby, tender to the touch fresh green leaves).

Painting with gouache (an opaque covering watercolor) is new for me. I absolutely delight in layering bright colors such as: Opera (a bright magenta), Emerald Green and Luminous Lemon (yum). Creating hand built pottery is new too. Digging my hands in clay, making a 3D/live shape off the page is so refreshing after many years of graphic design and computer aided illustration which is my original training and I still practice in my studio KittenChops Design and Illustration.

Berkley Illustration – Our Featured November Artist!

We love the dapper drawings from Berkley Illustration so much, we reached out ALL THE WAY TO PORTLAND to snag them for a Fremont Art Walk.

I have personally been a fan of Berkley Illustration since before I stared working at PBG, so my hipster status regarding his art is pretty legit. It’s the perfect combination of refined, adorable, and surreal. So you should definitely come to our First Friday Art Walk and check it out. We’ll be featuring Ryan’s drawings throughout the month of November!

Fremont Art Walk featuring Berkley Illustration
Friday, November 2nd
6pm to 9pm @ PBG
621 N 35th St. Seattle, WA

Berkley Illustration is Ryan and Lucy Berkley, a husband and wife (and baby and dog) team from Portland, Oregon. Ryan specializes in highly detailed hand-drawn illustrations of sophisticated animals and other critters, creatures, and heroes.  Together they run a successful Etsy business where they sell prints of the characters all over the world. They like to think of Ryan’s drawings as built-in family and friends for your walls. Ryan’s and Lucy’s background stories interpret the menagerie more in terms of their personalities rather than just “animals wearing clothes”. We hope you’ll make a friend or two!

Find Berkley Illustration on Facebook here!
Find Portage Bay Goods on Facebook here!

Spooky Fun Imps and Monsters Mash Pt. 2

It seems that if it’s monster related, we have it. Sure – many of them are the cute, cuddly, googly-eyed, ‘Mike and Sully’ type of creatures, not the hairy, slimy, scaly, hide under your bed and kill you for realsies kind. We don’t want to scare you off.

If you’re looking for monsters for the kiddos, look no further than this excruciatingly adorable knit wear from Andes Gifts: —->

I mean, come on. Those eyeballs charmingly pop in and out of their little knit eyeball sockets!

Made from Alpaca wool, hand knitted, fair trade, etc. – you know you love that.

Add a pair of Monster Creature slippers (for the 2 – 3 year old set) and you darn near have a perfect Halloween costume:

Ugly Dolls (like Ice Bat here), or Monster bowling, or Monster temporary tattoos, or Monster puppets, or Monster flashlights, or Monster doodling –  we’re totally stocked. Makes me wish I was a kid again (kind of)!


We take care of the grown-ups too – fans of PBG are no stranger to one of our favorite artists, Justin Hillgrove – whose ‘Imps and Monsters’ are particularly popular ’round these parts, and are perfect for Halloween!


These and many more are flying off the shelves this month –  so there’s no guarantee these prints will be in stock – but can you blame our smart, discerning customers? I think not.

Stay Scary,
Lauren @ PBG

Zombie Bar Mitzvah Spooky Scary Pt. 1

Well, it’s officially fall in Seattle.

Where did September go? Anybody else with me? The end of summer seemed to just fly right by!

While it’s sad to see sunny days in Seattle are becoming fewer and fewer, we’re super excited for things like jaunty scarves, hot apple cider (spiked, of course!), and Halloween.

It’s no secret that Fremonsters have an affinity for zombies. We even have an annual Zombie Walk where we try our best to own the world record for the most people doing the dance from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. We barely fell short of breaking the world record for largest gathering of zombies – the current record belongs to Mexico City. We’ll get ’em again next year.

In the meantime, our collection of zombie-related swag seems to be expanding along with the crowds of zombies every year:


Yes, even you can portend your fate in the zombie apocalypse with zombie tarot, or find out that zombies hate clowns and hippies, or tell the world that your family sticks together through thick and thin (and dead)!

Or treat yourself  to this desktop kit and practice your zombie slaying prowess – you never know where or when you’re going to need the finely honed zombie bludgeoning skills of a character in a George A Romero film. You should at the very least survive until the bitter end.

And there’s more! Stay tuned for more posts on our Halloween extravaganza of gifts in Super Scary Bar Mitzvah Spooky (or whatever) Pt. 2!

Stay Scary,
The Gals @ PBG

October Art Walk with Kelly J. Brownlee!

We can’t believe it’s October already. The weather has been unusually warm here in Seattle, but still with that unmistakable crispness that only autumn can provide. The leaves are changing, we’re breaking out our coats and scarves  – but that also means Halloween is afoot!

Lucky for us, local artist Kelly J. Brownlee takes this time of year very seriously, and the illustrations she has on display at PBG are a celebration of the macabre – with a love of playful words and puns. Check out these photos from last friday, and stay tuned for our Halloween celebration post coming later in the month!

Find more amazing art and illustration at Kelly’s website, or find her on Facebook here.

September Art Walk!

Many of the neighborhoods in Seattle were well represented last Friday for the Fremont Art Walk – as we debuted new cards, prints, and onesies from Little Orange Room!

There’s something about seeing where you live represented in an amazing hand-drawn graphic. People love it. In fact, I learned more about neighborhoods I used to live in than I knew when I lived there. Like Maple Leaf – did you know there’s a flock of feral parrots that live there? Not once did I see one when I lived in my little studio off Roosevelt Way. Although she could have just made that up for all I know.

Hmmm. Anyway, here are a few photos of her colorful (and educational, as it turns out) artwork. Tons of screen-printing and planning and a new baby AND she made brownies. Nice work, mama!


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