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July Art Walk featuring Sparrow and Sundry!

Sparrow and Sundry

Space Needle1

From the riverbanks of our sister city to the south come modern lightboxes from Sparrow and Sundry! If you haven’t seen these delightful modern snowglowbes in person, now is your chance. Each box is created in Jen Amos’ workshop from re-purposed, laser cut wood and illuminated with a white LED. We will have these little bits of magic on display for the whole month of July, but join us Friday for art walk for all this and more (including air conditioning).

Friday, July 3rd, 2015
6pm to 9pm at Portage Bay Goods!

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June Art Walk featuring oddFAUNA!

Emma SanCartier is the talented illustrator and sculptor behind oddFAUNA – the collection of beasties and creatures we will be featuring for the month of June! Come say hi to Emma and grab a refreshment!

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Friday, June 5th 2015
6pm to 9pm at Portage Bay Goods!

Originally from northern Ontario, Emma studied Illustration at OCAD U in Toronto, and graduated with a Bachelor of Design. Since graduating, she has worked on a diverse range of projects including children’s books, poster design, product design and illustrations for magazines. Over the past several years she has also been developing a line of designer toys and sculptures based off of her creature illustrations called oddfauna. She sells original artwork, prints and sculptures to collectors all over the world, and has been involved in numerous gallery shows across the country. She currently lives and works in Seattle.

May Art Walk featuring Brandon Kallmes!

Fremont Art Walk featuring Brandon Kallmes!

We are excited to showcase the whimsical world of Brandon Kallmes for May’s Fremont First Friday Art Walk! If you like high-personality illustration and animation, this is the show for you. Stop on by this week to meet the artist and enjoy a libation or two!

Friday, May 1st 2015 6pm to 9pm
at Portage Bay Goods!

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April Art Walk featuring Joseph Brooks!

Joseph Brooks’ character work creates a world of stacked faces and monsters with various emotions but an overall air of happiness. They are like the monsters under the bed that you actually want as your friends! Join us for art walk to meet the artistand grab a glimpse of his awesome local art. See more on Facebook at Faces And Stuff!

Friday, April 3rd 6pm to 9pm
at Portage Bay Goods!

Joseph is a Pacific Northwest fine artist and illustrator residing in Seattle. He has lived and shown work in and around Seattle for the past 9 years. Joseph is a member of TSIO in The Greenwood Collective. He has displayed work during West Seattle Artwalk, Rat City Art City, Art Up PhinneyWood, Georgetown’s Art Attack, Blitz Capitol Hill, Fremont First Friday Art Walk, SDC 2nd Thursday, and at various Coffee Shops, Music venues, and Galleries in the Seattle Metropolitan area.

March Art Walk featuring Frida Clements!

When we first spotted Frida’s incredible illustrations at Urban Craft Uprising last year, we just knew her “Have a Little Pun” series would be a perfect fit for us. Sure enough, we were right! She has been one of our best-selling artists of the past few months. The obvious thing to do next was a full-on featured artist and Art Walk event!

In addition to her amazing pun work, Frida is an illustrator and graphic designer whose silk-screened posters have become synonymous with the vibrant music scene of the Pacific Northwest. She has created unique posters for musicians from Andrew Bird to Sleater-Kinney. See more at!

Friday, March 6th 2015
6pm to 9pm at Portage Bay Goods!

February Art Walk featuring Stasia Burrington!

Stasia Burrington was born in Texas, raised in Montana and now lives in Seattle with her favorite man and two cats. She’s a full time artist, doing custom work and nurturing her little online shop. You can find her most often at home, coffee­ cup ever present, working while piled under blankets while furtively watching sci-­fi in the background. At times she’s aspired to be: an astronaut, magician, Lara­ Croft type action ­adventurer, and a children’s book illustrator. One of which isactually now the case!
Friday, February 7th 2015
6pm to 9pm at Portage Bay Goods!

Holiday Extravaganza and December Art Walk Featuring KittenChops!

Happy holidays from PBG! The season is definitely in full swing – from twinkling lights and sweet smells and goodies to drinks and friends and family! It’s also the perfect time of year to offer our humblest thanks for being such a great group of customers. We love that you love us, and the feeling is eternally mutual.

So since we’re in the holiday spirit – you should come help us celebrate on Friday, December 7th! We’ll have treats and wine (of course) and goodie bags full of our favorite swag for the first few people through the door. We will also be happy to show off the bright, playful work of this month’s artist – KittenChops Design and Illustration! You might recognize her art from the wrapper of that favorite Theo Chocolate bar of yours. Come take a look at her paintings and pottery, pick up a few stocking stuffers, and have a good time!

Friday, December 7th 2012
5 pm to 9pm @ PBG
621 N 35th St.
Seattle, WA 98103

Find out more about the event on our Facebook page here!!

More about KittenChops Design and Illustration:

“Heart Opening Energy” is my credo in life and in my artwork. My goal and favorite moment in time is when I find or succeed in creating something that truly touches the heart and the whole rest of the world disappears for that moment. I am constantly on search for this feeling! For me it is usually something super cute, brightly colored or both. Color very effectively communicates an energy/a feeling, no words needed. It also inspires innate creativity and story telling. My two best muses are my own two cats Cicka and Mitsu and their antics. I find joy in walking around outside, taking photos in Seattle or while traveling, on the lookout to discover an interesting shape of a flower, rock, letter, piece of signage. I keep all my ideas as photos or notes/quick drawings in my sketchbook ideas to be explored later. My current themes are: connections, wishes coming true, the love between mom and her baby, kittens for kittens sake (I LOVE Kittens! :), animated natural elements (seeing life everywhere from a pastry in the bakery window to the cutely trimmed evergreen tree and its chubby, tender to the touch fresh green leaves).

Painting with gouache (an opaque covering watercolor) is new for me. I absolutely delight in layering bright colors such as: Opera (a bright magenta), Emerald Green and Luminous Lemon (yum). Creating hand built pottery is new too. Digging my hands in clay, making a 3D/live shape off the page is so refreshing after many years of graphic design and computer aided illustration which is my original training and I still practice in my studio KittenChops Design and Illustration.


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